(WTNH) — Stay at home moms may feel they don’t have the time or the tools to start their own business. Through her inspiring story, entrepreneur Julie Stoian talks about how it is possible.

Connecticut mom Julie Stoian built a 7-figure online marketing business after getting divorced and being forced to give up custody of her children for 547 days.

Before starting her online marketing business, the most Julie had ever made was $2,500 per month. During the summer of 2014, she had no full-time job, no insurance, and no way to support herself. She was dealing with a divorce while pregnant with her fourth child.

What began as a side gig has grown into a seven-figure business. The experience allowed her to take back custody of her children and provide a better life for them.

Julie has the following tips for moms looking to start their own business:

Women should play an active role in their financial future, regardless of whether they’re a stay-at-home mom, working mom or have a husband that pays the bills.

The social and digital landscape today offer more options than people may realize. Julie says not only are there virtually limitless options in terms of the type of work people can do, it’s also easy to get started with little to no capital.

Traditionally, people had to create a business plan, go get funding and then find clients. However, today an entrepreneur can focus on finding an audience to serve first, then create the product and pivot as feedback becomes available.