The weather is heating up, and that means it can be more difficult to be active outside while staying healthy and hydrated.

Dr. Karen Sutton is a sports medicine surgeon at HSS Orthopedics at Stamford Health. She stopped by News 8 to discuss safe and effective training regimens and the optimal clothing for workouts that will keep you cool.

Dr. Sutton suggests working out during the early morning hours, because this allows you to avoid the summer heat.

Dr. Sutton also says that when you exercise outside during the summer, a lot of your blood flow goes to the skin so that your body is able to sweat and keep you cool. This means that your heart has to be a lot stronger in order to be able to pump more blood.

Another tip Dr. Sutton suggests is to always wear tight clothing that pulls the sweat off of your body. This will keep you from overheating. She says this is better than baggy, cotton clothing because that will weigh you down and make you sweat more.