(WTNH) — Richard and Vicki Horowitz of Bark Buster share some tips to keep in mind before traveling with your pet this holiday season.

Bark Buster suggests that no matter how your are traveling, whether it’s by car, train or plane, the best safe practice you can do is to keep your dog restrained.

Secure your dog in the back seat with a pet travel safety harness or car seat, or in a pet carrier fastened to a seat belt.

Richard and Vicki suggest having your dog micro-chipped to help you find him if he gets lost.

If your dog is prone to anxiety or motion sickness, consult with your veterinarian about using pet tranquilizers for your dog appropriate for the particular type of travel you will take.

Feed your pet his usual meal one to two hours before travel. Dogs can go 8 to 12 hours without food or water.

Do not allow your dog to ride with his head out the window. Road debris and other flying objects can injure his eyes.

Give your dog plenty of exercise before you hit the road, so that he will be more relaxed for the ride.

Before you bring your dog on a plane or a train, make sure you book with a pet approved carrier. Check the airline or rail line for their requirements.