Tips to stay healthy while traveling abroad this summer

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If you plan on traveling to a different environment this summer, there are not only new sights and sounds, but new viruses and bacteria as well.

Dr. Imran Ali is a physician at UConn Health. He stopped by the studio to give some tips that will help you stay healthy and safe if you plan to travel abroad.

Dr. Ali says that in other parts of the world, some viruses and bacteria are more common than they are in the U.S. The best way to be informed is to check ou the CDC or World Health Organization’s website for the latest and most reliable information.

You should also be sure to get up to date on all of your vaccines. Dr. Ali recommends getting vaccinated for Cholera, and he says you may also want to consider getting vaccinated for yellow fever and meningitis.

Dr. Ali says the key piece of information to remember is that you should get your vaccinations at least four to six weeks before your trip, so your immune system can be ready.

Dr. Ali also recommends talking with your doctor on any worries you may have.

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