NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Real estate experts will tell you — kitchens sell homes. The more move-in-ready a home or kitchen is, the better. People might expect to upgrade an appliance, but no one wants a kitchen that looks ‘cramped’, ‘inconveniently laid out’  or ‘under lit.’

Joining us Saturday on Good Morning Connecticut, America’s top lifestyle expert Mar Jennings talks about certain items that can give others the feeling that your kitchen is functional and desirable.

News 8 anchor Brian Spyros sat down with Jennings to discuss 6 Kitchen Must-Haves that will increase the value of your home. You can read them below or click on the video link above to watch the full interview.1. Plenty of Storage

Any well-appointed kitchen has ample places to tuck away anything, from appliances to dishrags. If cabinetry is minimal, consider adding free-standing furniture that a buyer could also add, such as armoires or decorative shelving. The key is that everything should have a place, and everything that has a place should have a function. Make sure the storage you have doesn’t look too crowded; consider doing some Spring cleaning or donate rarely-used items to free up space.2. Counter Space/Work Area

Create the illusion of more space. De-clutter your counters by removing rarely used appliances. Keep out only what you need and tuck away those items such as the mixer, Cuisinart, toaster, and blender. To add even more work area, add a freestanding island or butcher block; if it’s on wheels it appears even more useful. Although such items don’t ‘come with the house’, they give buyers ideas on how they can maximize the space for themselves.3. Proper Lighting

Any well-designed kitchen will incorporate both accent and functional lighting. Both are key to a successful illumination of your kitchen. Functional lighting is usually overhead lighting that provides proper illumination to clearly see while preparing the meal.   However, accent lighting makes a kitchen feel more welcoming, and can be as simple as under-counter lighting, a decorative sconce, and/or pendant lighting.4. Sufficient Outlets

When you need to use an appliance, you should not have to go far to plug it in. Not to mention, visible cords make a kitchen look cluttered. Make sure there are ample electrical power-surge outlets to accommodate multiple appliances. An electrician can quickly install extras, and will ensure they are to code, too. Even an unused outlet is a plus: it shows the kitchen is functional.5. Quality Countertops

Today’s kitchen countertops are more desirable when they are natural stone or composite materials. Countertops provide both function and beauty to any working kitchen. No budget to re-do them? Consider what repairs you can do to maximize their appeal, including repairing any visible damage.6. Functional, Clean Cabinetry

Regardless of what type of cabinetry you have in your home, the façade plays more of a role to buyers than the inner workings. Cabinets do not need to be expensive but they must be functional. Re-facing, painting, or updating hardware can offer high returns with just a mini-facelift.

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