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Balance Training Drills to Enhance performance

(WTNH)- The ability to maintain balance is an important part of life, whether its playing sports or something as simple as getting into and our of a chair.

Health and Fitness Specialist Eanna Rushe came to Good Morning Connecticut to talk about how to help our bodies with these daily demands.

Rushe said the ability to maintain balance is an integral part of sport and life. Sometimes we fail to recognize that balance is a requirement for most everyday activities like going up and down stairs and carrying your grocery bags.  We have several different balance mechanisms in our body to help us cope with daily demands. If we don't train these mechanisms they can under perform when we need them most.

Rushe then showed us a few simple drills that can be done to enhance your balance.

The four drills are a single leg balance, a single leg balance with head rotation, a single leg squat and a single leg hip hinge which is an advanced exercise.

For more information, you can watch the video above.

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