Homemade Thanksgiving decorations you can make with the kids

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – With kids home from school for a few days, blogger Charlotte Smith, from AtCharlottesHouse.com, stopped by the studio to share some D.I.Y.s to keep handy so the children can help decorate your home or your Thanksgiving table for the holiday!

1. Construction Paper Turkeys

Materials: Craft paper/ construction paper in autumnal colors, stapler/ tape, marker/ googly eyes, glue

Directions: Cut paper into strips of varying lengths. Align the ends of the strips and gently bend over… you should have a arc with each strip filling in a slightly different height. Staple the ends together. Repeat until you have a total of FIVE arcs (feathers). Place all ends of your feathers together and staple/ tape again to make a semicircle made up of the five feathers. Make a turkey head and glue onto the middle of the tail feathers.

2. Thanksgiving Slime

Materials: Elmer’s white glue, contact solution, shaving cream, food coloring/glitter, baking soda

Directions: Mix 1/2 Elmer’s glue and 4 cups shaving cream. Add food coloring/ glitter to achieve desired color. Add 1/4 tsp baking soda. Add 1 tbsp of contact solution at a time until it comes together as slime and starts pulling away from the sides of the container. Store in airtight containers like a small Tupperware or mini mason jar. Kids can decorate in advance with tissue paper and mod podge.

3. Thankful wreath

Materials: Colorful paper, scissors, markers, cardboard, glue

Directions: Trace out everyone’s hands from paper and have everyone decorate or write what they’re thankful for on each hand. Arrange hands on cardboard ring and adhere with glue to slowly assembly a Thanksgiving wreath.

4. Glittery acorns

Materials: Mod podge, micro/ superfine glitter, acorns/ mini pumpkins/ gourds

Directions: Mix micro glitter in cup with mod podge and paint onto acorn/ pumpkin. Allow to dry. Use as table decor or vase filler or place card holders.

For more great ideas head to AtCharlottesHouse.com

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