(WTNH)- Keeping hydrated may be difficult if you don’t drink the amount of water you’re supposed to everyday, but maybe you don’t have to.

Integrative Medicine Specialist, Dr. Dana Cohen, and author of “Quench” came to Good Morning Connecticut to explain ways you can fill your water quota.

Experts say one of the reasons low-grade dehydration is becoming more of a health complication is a result of our environment and modern diets; and the traditional advice of drinking eight glasses of water a day may not make a dent in the dehydration epidemic. 

Dr. Cohen says new research shows that hydration may not be as simple as the touted eight glasses of water a day.  It’s the premise of her new book, “Quench,” and in fact, she says drinking too much water can actually cause harm to your body’s performance by flushing out vital nutrients and electrolytes from your cells and tissues.  Dr. Cohen says the scientific and medical community is intrigued by new findings showing a fourth gel-like state of water that is 10 percent more viscous than the liquid state and has the potential to hydrate the body more effectively and efficiently than just plain water. 

Cohen says there are four high-gel foods that are ripe for the Summer and have lasting, healing hydrating effects on your health and longevity. They include, chia seeds, lychee, prickly pears and aloe.