(WTNH)- How many times have you set a New Year’s resolution only to find yourself setting the same resolution the following year? Are you sick of not achieving your goals?

Fitness Coach and Lifestyle Expert, Nadia Murdock came to Good Morning Connecticut to talk about how to stay focused on your wellness goals.

Murdock said first, ditch the resolutions. Setting large goals can be quite overwhelming. She says you should work to attain smaller goals that will help you create a healthy lifestyle.

Number two, document your goals. Murdock believes that writing things down on paper will help you stay committed and offer a friendly reminder for when you may forget what you are working towards. She says the idea of creative a vision board is extremely therapeutic and beneficial.

And number three, incorporate wellness where you can. Murdock says fro creating an at home gym to traveling with must-have fitness equipment can make for an impromptu workout.