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Homework tips for parents


(WTNH) — The new school year is underway. As those assignments start to roll in, author and conscious living expert Christine Agro helps parents determine their roll at the homework table.

It does no good to do your child’s homework for them

Help your child learn to organize. This can include identifying the best time to work on subjects, or if they need a snack before they start their work.

Remind your child to look ahead and plan homework in advance.

Help your child assess what works for them and what does not work.

Listening to music while they study may not work for you, but it may work for your child.

Try to avoid arguments with your child. If helping your child with homework ends in tears and frustration, check in within yourself. Do you need to let them sort it out for themselves? Do they really need help? If your child continues to struggle, try to find a mentoring program.

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