How to live intentionally


(WTNH) — Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Althea Bates explains the difference between having intentions and living intentionally when it comes to achieving your goals.

1.) Set a goal. If you are about to run a race it always helps to know where to find and how to recognize the finish line.

2.) Develop a plan. Without a plan you literally have no idea what you’re doing so get that straight.

3.) Start. Good intentions mean diddlysquat. Being intentionally intentional means taking action on your intentions.

4.) Build in accountability. Pull people into your plans and have them monitor your progress, or lack thereof. This will keep you motivated and self-assessments will be more honest.

5.) Never quit. Quitting is never an option if you are intentionally intentional. Regrouping, course corrections, redesigns and reboots are not quitting.

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