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News 8’s Teresa Dufour visits her favorite teacher


SOUTHBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — As many of you head back to school those of us here at News 8 are also taking a trip back to where it all started. Teresa Dufour went back to her high school to introduce us to her favorite teacher.

The year was 1997. Senior pictures had been taken, proms were attended in full sequins I might add, and is that a scarf?

Class superlatives were voted on…..yes, that says most likely to be a celebrity…go figure. I was getting ready to graduate from Pomperaug High School in Southbury, Connecticut. But, Miss Lysik, the teacher I spent the most time with my four years there, would not be attending the ceremony.

“After you let kids go once they graduate, you know it’s hard, that’s why I never went to graduation, I couldn’t take it. They were going away,” said Lysik.

For 38 years, thousands of students in Region 15 channeled their creativity in Miss Lysik’s art room.

“I remember basket weaving, crafts that was challenging, stained glass, did you do the candy house?” said Lysik.

She helped me make my mom’s house out of gingerbread, and it was tricky because it has a turret and we had to bake it on a coffee pot.

There was also art design sophomore year. You had to make a self-portrait not of your face, but of your personality. So you had giant lips…So I did a giant mouth, a giant mouth and lipstick, it was about fashion. I remember it was in the art show.

And Pottery and ceramics class my senior year…where not paying attention, cost me some jewelry.

“Hers got caught up in the pug mill…and when she discovered it we got the clay out, we dug every piece of clay out, we found the gold band, and it was in pieces. We didn’t find all the diamonds and rubies, Some kid has a beautiful pot with a diamond or ruby in it, I tell that story every year to my new students,” said Lysik.

A life lesson learned the hard way

Why do you think she was able to teach for 38 years?

“Because I love the kids. I love the kids. The kids make you laugh, the things they say, the things they do, yeah, some would get in a little bit of trouble, or be a pain in the neck. They didn’t mean it, that’s just being a kid,” said Lysik. “You have to have patience when you’re a teacher.”

And it’s that patience and big heart that always had me signing up for Miss Lysik’s classes, By no means was it my artistic ability.

“You were very social, popular, beautiful, all the proms you were queens of, but you were popular because you were nice, all the kids liked you. But, you would come in and talk about problems and certain people bugging you…talk things out, you were a good kid, one of my favorites.”

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