The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness is doing a tremendous job at working to get families out of shelters and into a home. But, there is a lot more to do and you can be a part of the solution.

There are many programs set up by CCEH, including buying one of two books or one of two toy bears for $25.

Your money, the books and the toys go to a child in a shelter.

There are 2,000 children who do not have a home.

Madeline Ravich joined Nyberg this week to explain more.

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“So, $25 gives a bear in shelter, but because the bears and other gifts, which we’ll talk about, are underwritten by our partners. All of the money goes toward the Be Homeful Fund which helps families stay housed in the first place rather than live in shelters,” she said.

“About a fifth of these children in shelters are actually under the age of two, and so, we said, ‘we want to do something special for them.’ So, this year, in addition to having the bears and the books for $25 a piece, we also have these wonderful, adorable baby blankies and board books,” Ravich added.

There are also kits which you can get which include $25 tags which you could put on a Christmas tree at your point of purchase and places in your business to help end homelessness.

To find out the best way to get involved as an individual or as a business, click here.