(WTNH) — A Connecticut-native Navy sailor has created Navy-themed comics. She joined us Thursday to talk about her art and where her inspiration comes from.

Jessica Reilly of the U.S. Navy is from Prospect, CT, and is currently stationed out in San Diego, California. She is a Navy air traffic controller – a high-stress job, for sure – who has turned to writing and illustrating comics series with her husband in her downtime.

Her husband is a Navy veteran himself and is currently serving in the Army reserves.

In the video above, Reilly shares more about her job as an air traffic controller, how she came up with one of her characters ‘Gobbo the Goblin, the Navy sailor’, and how her art connects to the Dungeons and Dragons world.

To find out more about her art, follow her on social media, and where to buy prints: https://www.zonksillustration.com/