David Letterman’s graphic arts director talks “The Late Show”


(WTNH) — Last week, “The Late Show with David Letterman” wrapped up on television after 33 years. Graphic Arts Director Chris Dimino helped to make the show open you saw every night and other things within the program that made it so funny.

“Where’s Chris the graphics guy? Is there a problem? Chris?” Letterman said in a show segment. “Oh, hi Chris. Chris, we’re supposed to have the visual representation of what the number a trillion means so we can keep that in our minds, do you have those ready?”

“I haven’t made them yet,” Dimino responded.

“Well that’s too bad,” Letterman said.

“Where’s the kid in graphics, Chris Dimino, where is he?” the show’s host said in another segment. “Chris we’re having a problem with cartoon Dave. What’s going on here? Why isn’t he on my desk?”

“That’s a good question, when did you ask for it?” Dimino responded.

“About an hour ago,” Letterman answered.

“Did you call the graphics department yourself?” Chris asked.

“No, no I didn’t,” Letterman continued.

“Did you assume you could create a cartoon when ever you feel like it numb nuts,” the graphic artist responded.

“Good one,” said Letterman. “I guess I did, yeah.”

“My friends were freaking out about that,” Dimino said about getting to call Letterman “numb nuts.”

“It was great it,” he said about working on the show. “It was a job, but you don’t appreciate it until it’s going away really. The culmination of everything he’s done in these years, you could see all the articles online and on TV and everything about him that’s come up since the last show was approaching, and you can’t help but feed off of that and realize you were a part of something special.”

Dimino is moving onto his next project. He has developed a waffle iron shaped like a computer keyboard that is due out in July. The pre-orders for it are huge, and the waffle iron plays right along with his sense of humor.

For more about the waffle iron, click here.

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