How family dogs impacted the life of late President John F. Kennedy


Many Presidents have had a dog or two during their time in the White House, but during John F. Kennedy’s tenure there were nine.

As a child the late President was always surrounded by dogs and in times of turmoil in the Oval Office they were there by his side.

In a new book called “The Dogs of Camelot, Stories of the Kennedy Canines” authors. Margaret Reed and Joan Lownds went deep into archives for seven years to find out all about these dogs, where they came from and how they lived.

“I think the reason that he liked the dogs so much is because he was sickly growing up and he always had the companionship of a dog there was always a dog at the Kennedy family. In the first picture I ever saw of him, he was five years old holding a dog. I think he liked them in later years because they didn’t tell his secrets. He was able to confide in them without any worries.” 

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“This was taken as a young boy. Back in the day they were taking pictures with props and the prop he chose was a live dog.”

‘”This is President Kennedy in the Oval Office about October of 1963 and what makes this picture wo unique is the fact that he is wearing glasses, he didn’t like to be photographed with glasses.” 

As news spreads about this book on White House dogs, Margaret Reed says they are getting wonderful invites to share their stories, including The Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, Missouri City. Funny thing about that is that Truman is on record as not caring for dogs.

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