NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Author Larry Bloom sat down with News 8 to discuss his unconventional take on retirement in his new book “I’ll Take New Haven: Tales of Discovery and Rejuvenation” on Monday night.

Larry Bloom is a prolific writer and playwright who has taught his craft at multiple universities throughout the state.

In his book, Bloom talks about how he wanted to stay in the “real world,” for his retirement years and why he chose the city of New Haven as his home.

Bloom co-authored his new book with his dog Lucca, whom he describes as a “chick magnet.”

“This book says for people at a later stage of life, this place is gold. You walk your dog a lot, you talk about the neighbors you run into, the people you meet, the shows you see and it is a very walkable, vibrant restaurant town, it’s [also] an amazing restaurant town,” Bloom said.