AVON, Conn. (WTNH) — BeanZ and Company in Avon believe that everyone belongs.

And it’s not just its motto. It’s how the business runs.

Kim Morrison, the co-owner of BeansZ and Company, owned New England Pasta Company for several years. But there was one frustration — the company had a small cafe inside, which wasn’t as successful as she wanted it to be.

“People loved the food, but they just felt like they didn’t have enough time to spend waiting for a waitress to bring the food,” she said.

She started considering ways to change the cafe to make the process faster.

Then, she talked to her business partner, Noelle Alex, who has a daughter with Down syndrome. The position, they thought, would be perfect for people with disabilities.

Now, the cafe works on a model that pairs an employee with a supportive peer.

“The learning happens on both sides, you know, not just for the adults with disabilities,” Morrison said.

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