EAST HAMPTON, Conn. (WTNH) — If you hear a bell, it’s likely that it was made in East Hampton.

Bevin Bells is the nation’s oldest — and only — bell company. Dating back to 1832, it is now run by its sixth generation of Bevins.

It makes everything from the Salvation Army’s bells, to cow bells, to the iconic bell featured in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The type of bells it makes, and their purposes, have evolved through the decades.

When it was founded, sleigh bells were a crucial part of safety. Sleighs cut quietly through the snow, and needed bells to warn people they were coming. Nowadays, though, they’re mainly used for decoration.

“We are just working to make sure we’re maintaining ways that bells are being used, but including new ways for bells to be used,” said Cici Bevin, the general manager of Bevin Bells.

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