HADLYME, Conn. (WTNH) — Gillette Castle, a field-stone medieval castle high up on a hill in 1919 overlooking the Connecticut River in Hadlyme, CT is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

It was built by playwright, William Hooker Gillette, who brought the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, to life on stage.

Inside the 24-room, 14,000 square foot mansion there are secret passageways and even a two-way mirror in what was Gillette’s bedroom. The playwright-actor used it to view his guests below as they gathered for one of his famous parties.

Friends of Gillette Castle President, Wendy Vincent, is Ann Nyberg’s guest this episode.

The celebration of the castle’s 100-years, there is going to be a speakeasy gala which you can attend on September 7th. There will be music and food, and some secrets will be unveiled, as well. Tickets are selling quickly. For information, go to gillettecastlefriends.org.

Watch the full interview in the video above.