SOMERS, Conn. (WTNH) – As we set our clocks back one hour this weekend for daylight saving time, it means it’s time to check your smoke alarm batteries.

Somers Fire Chief John Roache joined News 8 for an interview this week to remind state residents to check their smoke alarm batteries.

Roache said older smoke detectors had batteries you needed to change every six months, and it is important to check if the batteries are still working properly when the clocks fall back.

Newer smoke detector models have batteries that can last ten years, but people should still check to see if they’re working twice a year during daylight saving time. You can also buy ten-year batteries for older smoke alarm models.

Roache wanted to inform the public on the difference between photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors.

Photoelectric smoke detectors look for something that blocks a path of light. Roache said ionization detectors are much better when there is smoke, smoldering fires and small fires. These detectors are often placed in living rooms and bedrooms.

Ionization smoke detectors measure electric currents that may be in the smoke. These detectors are good to go in the kitchen area as they are best at detecting flash fires or grease fires. Roache recommends people have both types of smoke detectors in their homes.

In addition to smoke detectors, people should also have at least two carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.

Roache said there is a call for firefighters and emergency medical service technicians not only in Connecticut but nationwide. The Somers Fire Department has both a junior and adult program, where they pay for the training and gear for volunteers.