If it grows, it goes…into the compost pile, that is.

Blue Earth Compost picks up your scraps right at your front door, residential and commercial.

Statistics show we throw away 40 percent of our food. That waste can be turned into energy and also turned back into the soil to enrich it so you can grow more food.

Owner Alex Williams and his marketing man, Sam King, always knew they wanted to do something to help the environment after college, and they have found their calling.

Not only can we divert food scraps from the incinerator, which provides a lot of environmental benefits, but the goal is to also save a commercial customer money. Tip fees are going up, there’s a lot of issues with recycling around the country right now with China not accepting a lot of metal, glass, paper, Williams explained.

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A lot of people think about food as waste when they throw it away, but we’re trying to fundamentally change that paradigm. Food is not waste, it is a valuable resource that we can make compost and, in the case of what we’re doing, we’re able to partner with other people to make energy with it. Renewable energy by the process of anaerobic digestion, which is a process of being able to take that food, put it into a place without oxygen. It decomposes and captures that bio gas and are able to burn it in a class one generator, he continued.

Blue Earth Compost is continuing to crowd fund through this Friday to help them with the cost of their $125,000 brand-new garbage/dump truck that is just about to hit the highway.

Think about what happens to the waste in your house.

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