NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Six weeks after her brother, Corey, was hit and killed while helping a motorist in Trumbull, Cindy Iodice knew she needed to do something.

Since then, Iodice, a former Fairfield resident living in Honolulu, launched Flagman, an organization that goes into schools to teach children the message to “slow down, move over” for first responders.

Corey was a tow truck driver for the family business. Iodice said the driver who hit him was impaired and didn’t follow state law about slowing down and moving over.

“My mom always feared that something like this could happen,” Iodice said. “There were many, many near misses over the years. And like my dad would tell the guys, If they heard tires screeching on I-95, to just run for their lives.”

The family has been in the towing business since her father got his first truck in 1958. All seven of his children have been raised in the industry.

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