NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The Connecticut Hall of Change is an organization that acknowledges the growth and accomplishment of formerly incarcerated people in the state.

Their stories and photos are part of a mobile exhibit in the state with stops at local libraries, colleges, universities and city halls.

Founder Charlie Grady established the group in 2020, and each year they induct new members into the group.

Dan Varley, class of 22, Meg Young, class of 21, and Roland Whitley, class of 22 joined News 8 for an interview. The inductees shared their experiences from when they were incarcerated and how they have continued to make positive changes in their lives

“For me, one of the biggest things is I see the Hall of Change as the only opportunity I’ve ever had to acknowledge the fact that something that I did that was negative becomes a positive. And I get to if I think of Hall of Change and I think about hope of change for others and it’s another opportunity for me to really display what it is that has happened in my life, but also to really promote that change as possible,” said Maggie Young.

Watch the full video to learn more about how these individuals continue to make positive change in CT!