MIDDLEFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — As the documentary puts it, the Powder Ridge Music Festival of the 1970s was sex, drugs…but no rock & roll.

Gorman Bechard, the Connecticut filmmaker behind What Were We Thinking Films, is revealing back the many, many details behind the festival that was (and wasn’t) and the opposition behind it — from the legal system, to the mob, to racism.

“There are so many different layers to this story, it just becomes crazier every day,” Bechard said.

For starters, Middlefield did not want to become the next Woodstock. And the fact that the head of the festival was a well-known Communist didn’t help.

About 40,000 people came out for the three-day party on the hills, but only one person ended up performing. How did that work? Well, the town cut the power, and the artist hooked up her amps to the generators of two Mr. Softee ice cream trucks, anyway.

Fundraising for the second phase of Powder Ridge Music Festival: Sex, Drugs, No Rock & Roll is ongoing. Bechard hopes to have the movie finished by the end of the year so it can play in film festivals in 2024. He plans to have its premier at Powder Ridge.

More information and the film’s trailer are available on the documentary’s website.

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