NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A Connecticut farm has captured the hearts of almost one million followers on TikTok for showcasing its pet quails in tiny hats.

Fat Hen Farms is a family-owned egg and flower farm in New Milford. Farmer Benard Henri uses his TikTok platform to show off his pet quails Quinn Finn, Jake and Daisy.

Henri said he raised chickens for about a decade before he began adding new birds to the farm including emus, a peafowl and quails.

The pet quails are a big hit on social media and fans even send Henri their own knitted hats for the quails to wear.

Henri was going to school to become a doctor during the pandemic when he made a major career shift and decided to follow his passion and become a flower farmer.

Henri sells daffodils, tulips, dahlias and other summer flowers at his farm.

“I just really followed my heart. And I started flower farming. I started raising animals like I always have and always loved. And then Instagram kind of supported me along the way and social media. And it became my job now and my passion,” Henri said.

Henri and his husband are in the process of creating a children’s book series on their beloved quails and their hats. The first book will be called “The Imaginary Adventures of Finn.”