MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Do you like cupcakes and cocktails? Two women are behind a venue that is bringing both of them together.

Maxine Harris and Laurren Robinson are the founders of Je T’aime Cupcakes and Cocktails. They serve as chief culinary officer and marketing director, respectively.

Harris has been baking for 16 years now.

“It started as a therapeutic tool that me and my mom used to bond with one another since we’re so close in age and then I just kind of took off with it but never found myself as an official baker because I didn’t go to school for it,” Harris said. “It wasn’t until 2020 during the pandemic when I was going through a depression after having my third child and I used baking as a therapeutic tool once again.”

They are two years in and they received some help from accelerators in New Haven: Collab and Cityseed.

On May 2, they had a soft opening of their brick and mortar store at the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford.

“It was definitely an emotional time and it’s just something that we never thought would be here so fast, but we’re extremely grateful for it,” Robinson said.

They will begin rolling out their cupcakes to the masses in June.

To learn more about Je T’aime Cupcakes and Cocktails, click here.