NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Bryn Turnbull always wanted to be an author. When she came across stories that hadn’t been written about, she saw it as her chance.

Turnbull, a historical fiction author from Toronto, has placed women’s stories at the forefront of her work.

“The historical record for all of recorded history really has been written by the victors, of course,” she said. “And for so long, the victors have been men, and I think that women’s stories, as a result, have often been overlooked. And, so as a historical fiction author, I’m kind of able to rewrite women back into that record, and I think that’s why historical fiction resonates so much with women readers, and why authors like me gravitate towards.”

Her most recent book “The Paris Deception,” is about art forgery during the Nazi occupation. Her next novel, “The Berlin Apartment,” is about a couple separated by the Berlin Wall.

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