NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s the season for ice cream and in New England that is pretty much all year round. There is a new kid on the block in Chester setting itself apart from the crowd called Honeycone Craft Ice Cream.

Tula MacDougal and her daughter, Christiana Berube, started running the business together two years ago. MacDougal spent the majority of her career in business as an executive for a gourmet cookware company while her daughter Christiane worked as a winemaker.

MacDougal has made her own ice cream at home for the past twenty years as a hobby. The two women knew they wanted to open a business together and in 2020 everything fell into place for the family for them to share their love for ice cream with the people of Connecticut.

Honeycone Craft Ice Cream partners with local artisanal businesses in the Chester area including a brewery, farm, and bakery to make unique flavors and ice cream treats. The ice cream company also partners with a local bakery that makes the cookies used on all their ice cream sandwiches.

“We try and do unique flavors as much as possible. So, for instance, right now we have a lot of different things like Strawberry Line Nondairy. We have Chocolate Rosemary and an Italian Rainbow Cookie. Next month we have BlackBerry Basil coming up. So we really try and keep it fresh and interesting,” said Berube.

Check out the Honeycone Craft Icecream website here.