Conn. (WTNH) — So many things have been developed over the years in the historic city of New Haven. The lollipop, the hamburger, and even Lender’s Bagels.

The company is celebrating its 95th year in business. Jill Matthews, director of marketing for Lender’s Bagels, explained that the shop first opened by the Polish immigrant Harry Lender in 1927. New Haven was the first stomping ground for the business on Oak and Baldwin Streets where Lender’s began baking bagels and delivering them locally to families, bakeries, and restaurants in the area.

From there, the business grew and expanded in the mid 1960s to West Haven.

Mathews said that Lender is often credited with introducing bagels to mainstream America, since bagels were first only enjoyed by Jewish immigrants in the Northeast. Nonetheless, after all these years, and even a new company owner, the bagels are still baked the same.

“They’re boiled and then half-baked,” Mathews said. “That’s what gives them that great, you know, crunch on the outside, the crisp, and then the soft, chewy inside.”

Now, Matthews said the bagels have a new recipe, which will no longer include high fructose corn syrup. Along with the new recipe, they’ll also be adding a new look.

“We’re really proud of our history and our New Haven tie, and on the back of the package you’ll see the call-outs to the Lender men and New Haven, and all those beloved characters.”

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