NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A local nonprofit helps to support underrepresented single mothers living with metastatic breast cancer in Connecticut.

Roberta Lombardi, the founder and president of Infinite Strength Inc. is a survivor of early-stage breast cancer herself.

While Lombardi was undergoing treatment, she noticed how some of the other patients were single mothers who had to worry about feeding their children and keeping a roof over their heads.

After she finished treatment, she made it her mission to help underrepresented mothers with metastatic breast cancer in Connecticut.

Lombardi started Infinite Strength Inc. a non-profit that provides financial and emotional support to underserved single mothers in Connecticut.

Lombardi closely with Dr. Eric Winer, the director of the Yale Cancer Center to help underserved single mothers by providing them with financial support for six months.

“People do quite well on average in Connecticut. But there are pockets in Connecticut, in Bridgeport, in New Haven and Hartford, New London, Waterbury, where up to 1/3 of the population is living at or just above the poverty line, where we have far larger populations of people of color. People who oftentimes have fewer educational advantages and sadly, who are really at risk and do much more poorly if they have any health conditions and specifically cancer,” Dr. Winer said.

To learn more about Infinite Strength you can visit their website here or buy tickets to their upcoming gala.