NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The organization Loose Ends finishes craft projects left behind by people who have passed away.

Founders Jennifer Simonic of Seattle and Masey Kaplan formerly of Westbrook joined Ann Nyberg for an interview to discuss their organization’s purpose.

Loose Ends connects volunteers with people who are looking to have their loved ones’ projects completed after they have passed away or if they are unable to finish them.

The organization accepts fiber arts-based handiwork which includes knitting, crocheting, quilting sewing embroidery, needlepoint and rug-making projects.

Simonic and Kaplan both avid knitters came up with the idea after having similar experiences when their friends would ask them to complete a project left behind by a loved one who passed away.

“The people who sign up to do this work are amazing. Everybody is so generous and crafters like you recognize what goes into making something for someone. You’re choosing the pattern, you’re purchasing and choosing the material and then you’re putting hours and hours of your time and your skill into it, it’s special for someone. When that doesn’t get finished, it’s unfortunate and all of our finishers have come from all walks of life all over the place. They all have one thing in common, they recognize how special it is to have something handmade. These finishers are offering to meet someone and comfort them in this way, someone who’s grieving,” Kaplan said.

To find out more about Loose Ends and how you can help finish a project or give one to them you can check out their website here.