NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The bond between a mother and daughter is one unlike any other.

Gina Uricchio and her daughter Ally have always connected through their love of art and yoga. Ally is on the autism spectrum and she has a beautiful way of seeing the world, that she expresses through artwork.

Gina wants to share with the world how art and yoga can be used as tools to celebrate life with your loved ones and the beauty of autism.

“I think that Ally has just given me the beautiful essence of just living in the moment. And really, really experiencing, you know, each breath as we do, but really taking it seriously because she just lives for every second and every moment. And that’s truly a gift. You know, as a Yogi or as a practicing Yogi, we’re always looking to try and stay in the present, you know, in the Buddhist mindset to stay in the middle place. But she does it so beautifully and she just does it eloquently.”

Gina sat down with News 8 on Wednesday night to discuss how their respective passions help them to celebrate the world around them in her book, “Mother Asana: The Art and Voice of Autism.”

The book is an interactive journal that allows those on the autism spectrum to connect with their loved ones through art and inspiration. The journal gives families a unique way to connect and spend time with one another with activities for each season.

For those interested in purchasing the interactive journal, you can do so here. A portion of the proceeds go to organizations that support autism awareness.

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