FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — An art exhibit at Fairfield University hopes to convey the emotions migrant children feel while crossing into the U.S.

The 37 paintings are from children going through migrant protection protocols, which Diana Barnes, a senior teaching professor of Spanish at Skidmore College, said is a “misnomer.”

“They’re not protecting migrants,” Barnes said. “This was an administrative policy under the Trump administration that continued through the Biden administration that basically shut down our asylum process.”

Painting the Border: A Child’s Voice is the brainchild of Barnes and Julie McGill, as associate director of the Humanitarian Action Center for Social Impact at Fairfield University.

Barnes, who does a lot of work on the U.S.-Mexico border, wanted to show the psychological effects on children and how the asylum process differs from adults.

“You will understand that the migrant experience for children is tremendous, it’s huge,” she said.

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