Conn. (WTNH) — These are tumultuous times with kids growing up in a pandemic world alongside cell phones and social media. One woman is trying to help sort all of this out for parents.

Family life coach, licensed clinical social worker and the author of two books, Katherine Pearlman, wants to help parents “enjoy the journey more.” She said that this includes solving everyday problems so that kids and parents can enjoy their time together. Pearlman focus on problems like sibling rivalry and teen issues.

Pearlman said she wrote her children’s book, ‘First Phone,’ because while there are books that exist for parents on how to manage their kids’ screen time, there wasn’t anything for just kids.

“Kids are not always with their parents and they’re not always supervised and things come up,” Pearlman said. “So I wanted a book just for kids so that they would know about how to be a good digital citizen.”

She said the book just came out a couple weeks ago and already, some schools are buying it for a whole grade or community to read.

Her second book, ‘Ignore It!,’ is for adults. Pearlman noted that the book helps parents manage behaviors like whining, tantrums, and negotiating.

“There’s a very simple way to help that go away, and that is to ignore it and just basically uses concepts of positive and negative reinforcement and extinction to help parents pay attention to the good stuff and ignore the bad stuff.,” Pearlman said.

She explained that five important tips to raise a child the best way you possibly can are spending quality time, work on your relationship, ignore the bad behavior, focus on good bedtimes, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

For more information regarding Pearlman’s books, visit her website.

See the full interview with Pearlman on Nyberg in the video above.