NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The war in Ukraine is stirring up memories for many about war, oppression and families separated.

Retired Stratford French teacher Hedwige Kuepper was among those on the last train out of Warsaw, Poland to Paris, France in 1939. She witnessed the German invasion and occupation of Paris along with refugees fleeing.

The memories are coming back as children and families flee Ukraine.

“It moves me very deeply because the same thing happened in 1939. Everybody was fleeing from the northeast, going south into France and passing in front of our house. I remember those feet, bleeding feet, you know, you have a little pebble in your shoe and you’re uncomfortable, but you walk for miles and miles and miles. Back then the suitcase did not have any wheels on them. They really had to carry what little belongings they had…” Kuepper said.

Kuepper joins us on Nyberg to recount her stories so people do not forget about what happened back then.

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