NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A side hustle can expand your horizons and bring a lot of joy to your life alongside the regular 9-5, which is the case for Connecticut’s Deanna Kohler.

Kohler runs a one-of-a-kind crafting business, Schnickel Fritz Treats, and Crafts, while also working as a bus driver in Beacon Falls.

Kohler started Schnickel Fritz Treats and Crafts during the pandemic in 2020 when she was home with her two young sons. Kohler needed an outlet and would head down into her craft room for her moment of peace, and realized she could help create this peaceful space for other people.

Kohler decided to combine her love for crafting and education by developing a business where she could teach anyone how to make unique crafts.

Now Kohler holds crafting parties and provides her customers with the tools to express their own individuality to come up with their artistic creations. Kohler’s clients can pick from her “craft menu,” to learn how to create the exact piece they want.

To learn more about Schnickel Fritz Treats watch the full interview and check out their Facebook page here!