NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — An 18-year-old from Connecticut who is off to college soon already has a record deal.

Lexi White’s latest single is called “Better Without You.” White co-wrote the song with Robbie Rosen, who was on season 10 of American Idol.

“I wrote “Better Without You” because I realized that I don’t deserve the negativity that I’ve been presented with in my life and, you know, it really just made me want to put out that confidence anthem that I gained my confidence with and hopefully it could help others build that confidence as well,” White said.

She was signed to Soave Records at just 17 years old. Right now, she is working with three-time Grammy Award-winning producer Earl Cohen.

“…now we’re working on a couple songs together, and he sees big things in my future, so I really hope it goes that way,” White said.

She acts too and said singing and acting are very different.

“Each business in each field is just so different. They vary so much, the people are both so fun to be around. They just don’t compare to the other,” she said.

Ann asked White what she thinks will happen five or 10 years down the road.

“I really hope that you could see me going on my world tour,” she said. “You know, going to various countries and nations and you know, performing for people that love my music.”