NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A hair salon and barber shop in New Haven has been rated as one of America’s top 150 mom-and-pop shops, according to Yelp.

The shop is called Skull and Combs Co., which refers to one of the secret societies at Yale University called Skull and Bones.

The salon and barber shop has two locations in New Haven and South Norwalk.

Skull and Combs Co. came in at number six in the beauty and spa category.

The proud owner is Jason Bunce who sat down for an interview with News 8 to discuss the honor. Bruce believes the success is due to the brand’s focus on inclusivity.

“We’re very inclusive. We try to do as many different types of hair as possible, men’s, women’s, long, short, whatever kind of hair that exists. We try to like, you know be able to do any kind of hair and we and we do it in a in a very friendly environment. A very, you know, accepting environment and like I said, we try to make it fun. There’s always cool rock ‘n ‘ roll music playing and I try to make the brand also stand out. I thought it was very important to create a strong brand that wasn’t so dependent on any one particular person’s name like myself,” Bruce said.

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Check out the Skull and Bones CO. website here.