NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — SUN Scholars is an organization committed to improving educational equity and college graduation rates of foster and adopted youth.

Christopher Baker Scott serves as the executive director and founder of SUN Scholars.

“For me, I grew up in the child welfare system and came with all the adversities and disparities that are incorporated in that life,” he said. “So for me, I experienced homelessness, I had experienced, you know, losing families, or substance abuse, and amazingly, I was able to get through college.”

Baker Scott said he wanted to help the next generation of youth who experience foster care or adoption.

“Only 3 to 10% of foster kids graduate college, and I want to change that statistic.”

The Dudchik brothers, Anthony and Robert, were adopted together by News 8’s Capitol Report host Tom Dudchik and his wife, Nora. The brothers recently passed away in a crash in Branford.

“They are an amazing family, amazing adoptive parents, and Robert was actually one of my very, very first students, and so I got to know him really well,” Baker Scott said.

The Robert & Anthony SUN Memorial Fund was established to honor the Dudchik family.

“Robert loved to travel. He went across the country visiting national parks,” Baker Scott said. “He became a flight attendant at Avelo Airlines and really was at the start of his dreams of seeing the world and exposing himself to all the cultures and beauty of what is out there.”

Baker Scott said all donations to the Robert & Anthony SUN Memorial Fund go toward establishing a program that will provide foster and adoptive youth involved with SUN Scholars the chance to travel and see the world.
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