(WTNH) – A 17-year-old from Connecticut loves clocks, all of them, and has been repairing antique clocks for a number of years. Connecticut’s clock and watch industry dates all the way to 1733, when Thomas Harlan, an English clockmaker, arrived in Norwich.

Gage Robertson says his fascination with clocks began when his stepmother had a clock that was passed down in her family for generations.

“About three years ago, we took it to a local clock repair shop, and we had it fixed,” Robertson said. “I’ve pretty much been hooked ever since.”

Now, Robertson fixes clocks himself.

“My dream someday would be to have an antique store or, you know, and possibly a clock repair business with that as well,” Robertson said.

For more information head to Robertson’s Instagram, which is @gages_clock_projects_ct.