WESTBROOK, Conn. (WTNH) – The American movie theater continues to disappear as owners try to throw everything at them to keep them alive and vibrant. Along the Connecticut Shoreline, eight have been lost in the last four or five years and the pandemic did not help with that.

As of this week, we learned the long-time Niantic Cinema has called it quits but there is some light in all of this.

Niantic Cinemas closes for good

The guy who knows all about theaters is Bill Dougherty, owner and operator of Shoreline Entertainment Group Bill Dougherty sat down with News 8 for an interview Thursday night.

Dougherty’s father spent his professional life in the theater industry and inspired his son to join the business.

Doughtery and his partner are also excited to announce they signed an agreement to re-open the Westbrook Cinemas next week, on either Dec. 16 or Dec. 23.

Dougherty said it was essential to see the theater back up and running again as it’s been about two months. The theater is going to reopen as is for now but there is a master plan to turn the theater into a luxury cinema.

For folks that do not feel like heading to a movie theater Doughtery says this:

“Give us a shot. Come on down, see a movie. It’s a great experience and if you come to one of our theaters, I guarantee you a great experience. And that’s what it’s all about. It’s a great experience,” said Dougherty.