NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Can playing chess help you in your daily life? Ashley Priore says it can.

Priore started playing chess when she was four. Her dad taught her and she loved the game.

She noticed there were not enough young women playing and she wanted there to be an organization for that.

“I grew up in a space where I had tons of powerful women helping me and I know a lot of young women don’t have that so my goal is to just make sure that we have a community and a space that is inclusive and that gives women opportunities because women helping women is what my work is all about and I hope even if they don’t play chess, or like chess, that they can get involved and engaged in another way.”

In 2014, she founded The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute, where they use chess to teach strategic leadership and teach children valuable skills.

Priore joins us on Nyberg to share what she has learned through playing chess and how the game impacts those who follow her lead.

To learn more about The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute, click here.