NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Trent Gerbers wrote his book, The Never-Ending Storm, with his three children in mind.

Their names are all in the book, and while he wants his characters to feel real, he also wants them to have the same traits he wants his children to embrace.

One of those is seen in the main character, Charlie, who is steadfast in knowing what is right and wrong.

“He sees an injustice, he feels compelled to correct it, and I think the irony for him is that he lives in this world of magic and power, but he doesn’t have access to it, because he’s relatively new into this world, and when the world starts to end, despite the fact that he doesn’t have any of these amazing abilities yet, he’s still called upon to rely on his friends and his family, and their belief in him for him to sort of say to himself, ‘You know what? I can do this,’ and that was something that really connected to me writing this book, because I always wanted to show my kids you can do hard things,” Gerbers said.

The young adult fantasy novel came out in October, and Gerbers is drafting a sequel.

And he’s no stranger to Nyberg — his song, “Lost and Found,” opens each segment!

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