NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A family-owned tailoring business is being shaped by new hands.

It started as a passion for Antonio Valentino, who arrived in the United States from Italy in 1967 and began working as a tailor. Two years later, he opened Valentino Tailors in Hamden.

The shop has seen a lot of changes in the years since. It moved from Hamden to New Haven, and after Antonio and his wife, Carmel, retired, their son and his wife now man the helm.

“It has to be a passion, a love, to create a suit from scratch and make the customer happy,” Antonio said.

Carmel measured customers when they came in. But their son, Enzo, wanted nothing to do with the business. He studied at the University of Connecticut and went on to work in construction management for 10 years before having a change of heart.

“Then, I came to my senses and I said, ‘Hey. I got a good thing here,’ and I decided to go, you know, go back into the business,” Enzo said.

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