NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Jacob Cramer is a 19-year-old sophomore at Yale University. He’s a young man who cares deeply about the elderly and the loneliness he knows many of them battle.

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A few years ago, Cramer decided he wanted to raise up senior citizens with his “Love For The Elderly” organization, to remember them with a handwritten note. To date, nearly 100,000 cards and letters have been sent out to seniors around the country and beyond.

“People send them to our PO box and then we have a team that sorts through the letters, reviews them all – just by skimming through them and making sure they’re legible and appropriate – and then they bundle them up and we send them to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospices, and that’s where the magic happens.”

– Jacob Cramer, founder of ‘Love for the Elderly’

In honor of his Grandmother, Doris Heller Cramer – whose 98th birthday will be this Wednesday – he wants you to write a letter to a senior you know, but especially to those you don’t, and mail those to:

Love For The Elderly

P.O. Box 24248

Cleveland, Ohio, 44124

“I can’t change the world alone, maybe in a very small way, but we’re all so much better together,” explained Cramer.