SEYMOUR, Conn. (WTNH) — When Jim Tzepos’ father and uncle opened Zois Pizza in 1970, no one told them about restaurants’ high failure rates. But 53 years later, the Greek-style business is still going strong.

The business is named after Tzepos’ father. Zoi is the male form of Zoey, and is the Greek word for “life.”

The vibrant business is full of it, and newer generations keep the tradition moving. Tzepos is there daily with his wife, and their two older children also work there.

“They’re volunteers,” he said. “They’re not workers. If they were workers, I’d have to pay them.”

What’s the difference between Italian and Greek pizza?

“Basically, Italian pizza,” Tzepos said. “You make the dough, and then you stretch it out and throw it directly in the oven. After it’s made, you know, they through it up in the air. Traditionally, Greek-style pizza, you make the dough, you let it rise, then you stretch it out in a pan. This is pan pizza, and then you let it rise again.”

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