(WTNH)–The worst sudden headache of your life could kill you.

Todd Crawford lost his wife to a brain aneurysm in 2015. Lisa Colagrossi was a well-known New York City reporter, and her death impacted all those who knew her. The mother of two was gone in an instant.

Since her death, her husband has built a foundation in her memory which educates people about what a brain aneurysm is. The Lisa Colagrossi Foundation has already saved lives, and is credited with putting out the nation’s first public service announcement on brain aneurysms.

“We’ve quickly emerged as the nation’s leader in raising awareness for brain aneurysms, education programs to educate the public about what they are, the classic warning signs and symptoms, what to do if you feel that you’re experiencing one, and we’ve been credited with saving more lives in the last two years than any other foundation out there over the last 20,” Crawford said.Related: Reporter for NYC TV station dies after brain hemorrhage

“If you suddenly experience the worst headache of your life, sharp pain behind your eye and blurry vision, don’t ignore it. Seek immediate emergency care, because your family is counting on you to take care of yourself,” Crawford said.

No one is immune from a brain aneurysm. They are seen in children and adults. The most at-risk group is women, who are 50 percent more likely to have one.

For more information, and to get involved in the cause, visit www.LisaFoundation.org.