Two Massachusetts guys release new book with a unique view of Fenway


If you’re a Boston Red Sox fan, you’re in for a real treat. There’s a new book out called “The Hometown Team” with hundreds of photos in it from 4 decades at Fenway.

The authors of this book are two Massachusetts guys. Sports photographer, Steve Babineau who shoots for the Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox and long time sports writer, formerly of the Boston Herald, and official Fenway scorer Mike Shalin, are my guests on Nyberg. 

We talked about the book, about their decades with the camera and the typewriter.

“I had somebody tell me that every Red Sox fan should have one copy and should send two copies to every Yankee fan to rub it in.”

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“This is would be David’s last game and all the alumni players. A lot of them came in from centerfield and they did this. I was in this unique position, being elevated. All the other main photographers were on the field. All of the sudden I saw him pull out the cell phone and I was looking right down and got that selfie thing there.I think that’s so cool, that I was able to get those three stars in one picture.”

“The key was keeping the word Fenway Park on the facade behind home plate. You’ve got the Prudential building there and the sky was changing.”

“Curt Shilling. Yep I’m in with fans behind homeplate shooting just to get the release of the ball, the grunt on the face, how fast did he threw a ball…90.. 93. 94.”

The two shared so many stories.

For the rest of this trip down memory lane at Fenway, you can click here to buy the book

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