HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Two young women who founded a digital marketing agency and located it in Hartford thought it would be a great idea to boost the city with its own website.

And so, WeHartford.com was born.

Cara Stellato was raised in New York and Melissa Melonson in Connecticut and they developed the company called “Lumi.”

While they’re continuing to build that, they’re busy trying to draw attention to the capitol city and soon will develop events around their site.

“It’s really to give a voice to the downtown Hartford community,” explained Melonson. “Again, those people, places, events that don’t have the recognition that they really deserve so just to drive more eyeballs on what’s going on there and help to stimulate activity as much as we can.

“You know, coming from New York, we both really wanted that sense of community that we had in New York City and we knew we would be able to find it in Hartford,” said Stellato. “We just had to find all the little nooks and crannies that it has and all the fun pieces.

“We have experimented, we’ve done a series of happy hour events, we’re now looking to put together some larger scale events partnering with different businesses too, just try to get people who maybe haven’t been into the downtown Hartford area in awhile to come in and experience it and see it as it is now as it is today.”